Pathwork Additional Material No. 4

June 27, 1976



To: Training Group I, Training Classes II, III, IVA, IVB & Washington, D.C.


Greetings my beloved friends. Blessings and very special love and grace are coming to each one of you. This meeting is a particularly joyful one that consists of those entities who in some manner, or at least in some aspect of their being have understood that a greater task is involved. Not just perhaps an interesting occupation. The sensing of this greater task must be and is your personal fulfillment. It contains all you need. All will be added on.

I have said before that not everyone will become a helper in the regular sense. But helpership in its essence is part of every single task in the formation of a New Age culture no matter what you do. The more leadership is involved, the more giving to the community at large is involved, the more do principles and concepts of helpership constitute a major aspect of the fulfillment, no matter what your task or occupation might be, as I have said before: being the leader of the community; it might be cleaning the rooms. It does not matter. Each of these tasks is an integral part of a whole. And each means being a leader within your own right. And the growing of your task makes you capable of extending your giving and receiving, your responsibilities and your privileges.

You are all pillars of the new society. These pillars are needed. Pillars in strength, pillars in commitment. Pillars involved in the process of purification. Pillars in the security you gain when you find your truth in all its appearance and its essence.

Now, my dearest ones, I will turn more specifically to the Training Classes as such. First of all I want to say to you that the deep understanding of the teachings and the principles I have been privileged to bring to you throughout these years and that I will continue to bring to you, are a very essential aspect, not just of helpership, but of whatever you do, in whatever your task is in the New Age community.

I want to say to you that the comprehension of the lecture material is so essential because there are so many levels of understanding. Just as in other spiritual scriptures there was a superficial level and there were deeper levels of truth. So you will find when you come to deeper levels you will find new truth. And it is not insignificant that because this lecture material is a key for you that you also find perhaps the greatest resistance to absorbing and working with this material. Yet, that is the price to be paid. For it is a key. It is a key in your own life. It is a key and many, many keys that you read in a superficial manner and they make a momentary impression on you. Nevertheless the key is often lost on you because your understanding is too superficial to begin with. But when you work and give a little more to this task of absorbing and bringing the depth of your understanding into deeper levels, then suddenly you will discover very direct meaningful keys to life situations that seemed impossible to resolve. And you will then also, of course, find the keys to helpership in this material. There is much that will come to you in addition, as it were. It will be added on. It will naturally fall into place. But, as trainees, the dedication, the not shying away, of working it through, is the essence that will give you the foundation. It will give you the fundamental requirements, the security and the really deep understanding and the keys you need for yourself and for those whom you will help, or whom you are already helping.

These keys are always somehow directed to a way out when there was no way out. For example: the whole level of intentionality is such a key, as you know. You also know it requires a great deal of self discipline to overcome the resistance to fully take responsibility to see your own hand in the formation of your faith -- your fate, rather, and your faith (laughter). Yet, what greater freedom and security could there be than the key to self-creation? Therefore nothing could be more worth your while than to stringently overcome the resistance. The resistance to self-responsibility. The resistance to perceiving the deeper keys contained in the teachings I give you.

There is also another resistance than the one I mentioned; not taking responsibility. That resistance is laziness and self-indulgence. And that is exactly where the leaders of the community differentiate themselves from those who as yet are only followers. Yet, even the followers differentiate themselves. There are those who follow in a constructive way and there are those who follow unwillingly, resentfully and blamingly. Now, that also has to be sorted out. It would be very important for you, my friends, each one of you, to look into yourself, where are you in this respect? That will tell you clearly where you are on the ladder to becoming a helper, whether that be a helper in the actual way working with someone on his or her Path, or whether that means being a helper indirectly in whatever your task may be in other expressions.

Before turning to your questions I would like to give you another key my friends. A key to helping yourself and your problems and those whom you work with, your workers as you call them. That key deals with making connections. This is a very complex and important topic that by far transcends what it seems to mean. You all know that connections must be made with deeper levels of the personality. You also know that aspects that seem totally disconnected from one another, when the Path evolves organically and when you then suddenly see as a spontaneous revelation a connection being made, you comprehend the immense beauty and cohesiveness of the human soul.

But, there is a particular connection I want to hint at, and give you as perhaps something to take, ponder about, look for in your work with yourself and others. Whenever you arrive at a point (again, with yourself or those whom you help), where there seems no way out; you continually seem to describe or follow the same circle round and round. No way out. Then, if you have already included in this circle the level of intentionality, there is still a missing link.

Usually, if the intentionality is being fully recognized, the way out shows. But, perhaps a specific connection has been missed. That is where you are stuck to look at the opposite picture. In other words, let me choose any example at random.

Let us assume you are stuck at the place where you are very fearful. You are terrified of all sorts of things. Other people, your own pain, your own feelings, whatever that may be, life, death, whatever. When that is the case you seem to have exhausted all connections and there is still no let up. Maybe intellectually you understand, but emotionally you cannot go beyond this point. What would be the opposite picture, the opposite aspect of this? That would be the active element where you not only choose to be in fear because it seems to eliminate difficulties you do not wish to accept in life, but, also in another sense perhaps, you desire to make others afraid of you. Now, this is just one example. There are many others. I give this example because it illustrates the point I want to show here. How only the opposite can be the key and the intentionality. You as helpers or becoming helpers need to know and use this key to familiarize yourself with it. It is very important and very liberating when you put it into actuality.

Before turning to your questions I wish to say one more thing. That is the difficulty that you encounter on this Path in determining certain things. Such as, for example when is a trainee ready to be a helper? The difficulty is that the deeper levels must be explored and taken into consideration. The answer never lies on the level of yes or no, positive or negative. It always lies in what are both the positive and negative components to the desire, to the feeling of readiness. Only when that is thoroughly and most honestly explored will the truth be very obvious without any doubt. Without truly any ifs or buts. Then the truth comes from a level of inner reality that is never wrong and that does not go by outer disposition.

Now, these are important concepts, not just for this single question that I again used as an example, but it is so important because everything you do, every disposition you make in regard to the formation of your community must be dealt with on those deeper levels. Only then can your culture grow in glory, can your helpership grow (glow) in glory.




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