Pathwork Additional Material No. 9

May 4, 1970




Message given to the Washington Path.

Greetings, love, and blessings for all of you here, my very dearest friends. And a particular welcome for the friends in this path of the other town (Washington, D.C.). You are a part of this venture, in no way different from the friends in this place. You are all together engaged in a great undertaking whose significance is sensed only vaguely by those of you who have gone deep enough into your innermost being and explored the obstruction so that you can come to the jewel of the higher self. Only then do you begin to sense that a very great plan exists and has existed before your embodiment and that you were part of this plan and that you yourself plan to fulfill a function.

I have spoken about this before so that the words may be redundant on the intellectual level. However, I address myself to a deeper level of your feelings where little by little these words will take on a new meaning if you allow it.

There are vast changes going on in your universe. These changes are the most blessed event imaginable. The power of the Christ Consciousness that is being released is so strong however, that unless you are ready for these changes, the power itself will appear as a negative event, but it is nevertheless the same power. Again this is not new, but I must repeat these words in order to make you understand how important your path work is: the purification, the getting to know the deepest layers of your being and releasing these energies, the energies that are trapped in a negative situation, releasing them, taking responsibility for them, understanding them in their true connection. For that is the only way they can be transformed.

Now, as you do this my friends, you become ready to allow the presence of the universal spirit of the Christ that permeates all being to speak through you and out of you, and become one with you. And only in that degree can you assume the full leadership of your task. A key is necessary for this, and that key is, your wanting to give of your best faculties of the God-Self that you are, for the greater cause. Then you can truly be the leader you are needed to be; that the Great Plan needs in many different manifestations.

Now you cannot become this leader when the little ego is still so concerned with its aim, its goal, of superiority, of being better than others, of proving yourself, of pridefulness, of egotism, of vanity, of competition. To the extent that this exists, you must hate yourself. You must hate other leaders, even those who are free from these attitudes and truly give and serve for a greater cause. You also need to separate yourself from the idea that serving in sincerity and in a spirit of devotion and giving, is detrimental even to your worldly advantages. Only then can you feel the right to assert your happiness, your fulfillment, and can you reap the abundance that is always available to you.

But that is what you are called upon to do: The cleansing process of the little ego that wants to please as its wants to dominate, so that you can truly give and thus become strong. Strong in your giving, strong in your receiving, strong in your authority, strong in your awareness of your full value. And only when you allow the God-Within to express through you, to listen to this ever-on-going voice, will you know the true strength without any vanity whatsoever.

Your ear needs to become attuned to this ever-on-going voice that resonates in all yourself, in all your pores, in your total being. Body and soul. You can only listen and tune in to this voice that speaks the same message, ever changing to your needs, as of the day, as of the hour, as of the minute. But the message remains the same. You can only listen to this voice, to this message coming from within, from your inner universe, from your inner Christ, when you also discern the voice of your little ego and learn not to identify with it, but to identify it, as I often pointed out. You will hear this voice from within and from without. And the message I shall give to you now is a translation of the voice within. So as to perhaps to help you a step closer to the tuning in of the voice within that speaks to you forever clearer and louder and fills you with a potent energy of truth, of love, and of oneness. So let me be a translator here to help you from the outside to dig the tunnel inside and when you become very quiet, then you will hear the same message with variations.

The voice within you says, "I am the ever-loving God. The ever-present Creator. Living within you, moving through you, expressing as you, as myriad forms, as you, and you, and you. As the animals, as the trees, as the sky, as the firmament, as everything that exists. I dwell in you, and if you allow me to act through you, to be known through your brain, felt through your feelings, you will experience my power that is limitless. You will not fear this power that manifests on all levels. The power is great, but give in to me. Give in to this power, to the stream that surges forth that will make you cry and that will make you laugh. Both in joy, for you are me and I am you.

I cannot act on this level without you, without you being an instrumentality for me. And if you listen to me, I will guide you through every step of the way. Whenever you are in darkness, you are away from me. And if you remember this, you will make steps to come back to me. I am not far away. I am right here in every particle of your own being. If you thus fulfill my will, you and I become more one, and I can fulfill your will."




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