Pathwork Additional Material No. 11

March 1, 1975




Greetings, my very beloved friends here, blessings for every one of you. Every year I deliver a specific message for you here and show you the meaning of your being here and how this nourishes your endeavor as a whole. Tonight's message will consist of three segments. In the first I will discuss the acceleration and the progress of your work together, of the community you have created and is in process of creation. In the second I will discuss the particular significance of this period here at this particular geographic spot. And in the third segment I will discuss the still existing hindrance or hindrances within your souls. All of these three segments will be important, not only for you here, but will have specific importance for everyone on this path, and should be shared in one way or another.

Now as to the first segment, it is very obvious to all of you that you have conquered a great deal of hindrances and obstructions within yourselves and therefore you have accelerated a process that is now snowballing in its positive manifestations. It is a very, very strong energy that is completely accelerated, augmented, and compounded. This applies to positive as well as to negative manifestations and energy formations. It is self-perpetuating, it compounds itself, it avalanches, as it were. The combined positive intentionality and commitment to the will of God, to the truth of your pathwork, your inner pathwork, and the actual fruits of development that are manifest in most of you, have created this force and you are indeed about to create a new civilization, a civilization in which you can function in an entirely different way, and on a new basis. This must now become a reality for you in your thinking, in your perceiving, in your reaching out in a very conscious way.

You need to know that it is indeed possible to be fulfilled and live a rich, abundant life on all levels. You need to know this and reach for this and to realize this and to know that where the inner or the outer joy and fulfillment is lacking it is because of some unnecessary obstruction that you can indeed eliminate -- NOW. Not tomorrow, not next year, not in a future lifetime. Now you can eliminate it. You can free yourself of unnecessary guilt and self-punishment and therefore of acting out in a way that makes it impossible for you to enrich yourself in body, soul and spirit.

You create this new reality. You create this new civilization, the New Age life in which devotion to the truth does not equate suffering and deprivation, but is, quite on the contrary, the basis for richness, abundance, fulfillment. You can reach for the state of consciousness in which there is no competition between you and others, in which you each unfold the best, in which you do not need to envy, nor do you need to strive to have what others have. You can live in a state where you are your own deepest Godself. That Godself will manifest in your outer being the moment you decide it so. Your Godself is not something that is unreachable. If you decide with your mind, with your thought, with your commitment, with your intentionality right now to express the truth and the love of God in every individual situation, you will manifest God on the conscious level and you will always know what to do. You are then the New Age person.

This has happened to a considerable degree already. Yet as much as it has happened, it is only the beginning, and although it is only the beginning my friends, it has had such enormous effects. It has generated so much love, so much truth, so much unity, so much purification process, so much effective work for yourselves and those whom you help, that it seems almost a miracle to you if you truly stand back and see your creation at work. And yet it is only the beginning, and you need more acclimatization to bliss.

The process of creation that you have set in motion should be consciously experienced, envisaged, perceived, and encouraged with your daily vision of this process, with your prayer for awareness of this process, so that you are not blind to it. For the more aware you are of its reality, the more will you make yourselves ready for the bliss and the fulfillment and the light that is being generated by this process, and the more will you help others to prepare themselves in a like fashion.

Now I will come to the second segment of my message for you at this time. There is a particular meaning, as I have said on the previous occasions I spoke to you here, in your being in this particular place together. At this time I would like to give a little more explanation. You already know, my beloved friends, that the nucleus that is here is always the nourishing factor of the group as a whole. The process always starts here and then goes over there. Yet those who are here are not above those who are not here. This is not a meter for measurement and comparison. Yet, without moral evaluation or judgement, there is a very specific meaning about who is here and who is not here. Not because necessarily you who are here have more strength or more development than those who are not here. It does not go by that. It is impossible at this point to convey by what standards this subliminal choice has been made by you who are here, as opposed to those who are not here. But those who are not here have as much to fulfill in staying where they are as those who are here.

Then again, every time you are here together you may find one person or another having difficulties in finding his way in this group. This too has its own meaning, even if he or she cannot go along in quite the same way. Even if their own path has not brought them yet to this juncture. There is something in their deeper soul that decided for them to be here, to take nourishment -- to plant a seed that may take root only much later. Some who stay home and do not join your group may inwardly not need it as much; or they may resist it. Some, who join, may not appear to be ready because they resist. It may be a test for them. Or they may participate for the wrong reasons. But they may profit on another level they may not yet be conscious of. So there is a much more complex meaning than you can see at this point evaluating who is here and who is not here, and why they are here or why they are not here. But it is a fact that those who are here deeply enrich themselves through a particular combination of circumstances that I would like to explain, although it is not easy to explain.

There is a specific energy in this land generally, and specifically in this mountain area where you are now. The energy in this land is a very quiet energy, a very peaceful type of energy. Again, this is not to be interpreted as a higher developed country or nationality, not by any means, it is just of a different shading, a shading which was and is particularly well-suited to regeneration, to a time of inner restfulness, in which a lot of spiritual activity can take place. It is therefore not a coincidence that the instrument through whom I manifest had been led into this land, laboriously from the human point of view -- against all odds from the human point of view -- and has been given an extended period of quiet time for the initial development.

The energy in your home country is of a very different kind. It is a highly accelerated energy, a highly volatile energy that bubbles forth. Now visualize for a moment this contradistinction in the same rhythmic manner, which I have explained in many other principles. It is in the cycles of human life -- rest and wakening, activity and receptivity (or passivity, if you will); a time of in-gathering and a time of expansion. The land here is peculiarly adjusted for those who are spiritually ready at this point, for the in-gathering. And the land of your home is peculiarly adjusted for volatile expansion and even explosion. The explosion of new ideas comes from there. There is a great deal of activity there. That kind of energy bubbles forth. There are times in an individual's development where that is more needed and there are other times when the other is more needed. As I explained in a recent lecture, this cyclic movement cannot be generalized. You cannot divide it into even time segments according to the three-dimensional system. As you have night and day, as you have the seasons, so there are the seasonal changes in the unfoldment of an individual or of a group.

When this instrument started out, she needed a much longer period, a period of three years and then two years -- in your terms, according to your time concept -- of this restful in-gathering, in which a great deal of inner activity took place. Yet, outwardly everything was at peace to prepare her. There was an interval between the years and then she came back into this land. The path unfolded after her second return from the in-gathering quiet period where the inner development could proceed. The volatile unfoldment and creation of this group began in this other land where you have now your footing. So there is no coincidence that you are brought here every year. Yes, you all need rest and vacation and that is, of course, the outer and also the inner reason, but in this particular energetic climate there are specific ingredients that lend themselves to bring about a state in which you regenerate yourself on all levels.

On the physical level you have here an extremely strong healing force, not entirely dissimilar -- yet not exactly similar -- to the healing force you have in your Center. There are many different energies existing, as you, of course, already know. The particular healing energy that you have here is very difficult to explain to you, but perhaps you can open yourself intuitively and expose yourself consciously to it, so that you perceive the forces that come into you, on the body level as well as on the soul level. The energy is a quiet one and yet an extremely regenerative one. In the calmness of the environment there is a very strong healing force that heals, that renews, that rests, and at the same time encourages an inner activity that is going on, that you do not even halfway perceive as yet. You sense it, most of you sense it, but you do not know to what extent your inner self is being regenerated, nourished, calmed, and yet prepared for a new inner activity, for new unfoldment. This renewal you bring home. And those who stayed home must benefit from it -- as this has happened in the past. All these processes occur, and you at best sense them in a semi-aware fashion. But as you become more conscious of these other levels of your inner being, you will be very distinctly aware of what is going on.

And I would particularly suggest that you give to this energy your entire body, your cells. Expose them to the air, expose them to the breeze in the air, breathe in the energy with every particle of your body in a conscious way of grateful self-renewal. Partake of this joy and be ready to give it out in an altered fashion. It will become meaningful for every one whom you will help, after coming back. With the energy you emanate you do not only help the individuals, you help the whole nucleus and the new community you are creating.

So you have here something that is going on on different levels at one and the same time. On the most superficial physical level you have a rest and vacation that you have indeed deserved and that you should enjoy. On a less superficial, but still biological level, you expose yourself to the physical energies of a healing force that prepare you for the task and the challenge and the fulfillment that lies ahead for yourself and your community. And on an inner level, through the outer quietness and the calm and the regenerating rest you give yourself, a tremendous activity is going on so that there is a combination between the outer restfulness that makes the inner activity specifically possible. This may be reversed: when you return to your home base the outer rest can transform itself into renewed activity; the inner movement and activity that are taking place while you are here, will then calm down and you will move out from an inner calmness. Try to perceive this process, try to tune in on an intuitive level. The outer words can help you to a better perception of what I try to say here.

And now I come to the third segment of my message to you, my very beloved friends, and again this is hardly only for you, it is the general trend for many on this path. I want to discuss a specific obstacle. It is now time to leave it behind, to let it go. It is the specific attitude you all have, some more, some less, some in one way, some in another way, towards authority figures. Now this does not always mean an actual parent substitution or a leader or teacher or helper or a therapist or any obvious authority figure. Although it does exist there too. It may also exist in your interaction among each other where for irrational reasons suddenly one person becomes apparently an authority. Not that you necessarily think about this person in such terms, but your emotional reaction may be giving him or her a power. Then you fear and resent and rebel against this person. You feel that another person is much stronger than you. You may also want something from that person. This game can be played among friends or among mates. And both may play this game, both people involved. Of course, such a game would be very obvious towards the leaders of the group -- the instrument and her mate -- or toward you as helpers. But I say, to the degree you yourselves as helpers still have not resolved this, you will find it extremely difficult to deal with this when you are chosen as that authority figure.

I want to say to you here, (and some of this may, of course, be repetitious because I have said these words many times before). The authority game is already obsolete, you no longer need to rebel in order to believe yourself independent and self-assertive. You can yield, my friends, without confusing this with submission. You do have the independence and integrity of your own higher Godself, your real being, to consciously determine, "here I yield because it makes sense", or "here I say no because this is the truth of the matter". And this still happens relatively rarely, and relatively often you are still submerged in blind reactions. You are so afraid of submitting, of your own deliberately chosen weakness, that you blindly rebel in a senseless irrational and therefore destructive and self-destructive fashion. You obstruct your light in that way. You already have outgrown this problem, but you hold onto it.

Let me show some specific elements of why you chose to hold on to it. You have used words, "wanting to make the authority responsible for you" very often, but the words loose their meaning if you cannot be more specific. You have worked with this in many, many areas -- what you want from authority. But there are some of you who are still blind to it. For example, you demand from whomever you designate at any given moment to be this authority, to love you no matter how negatively you act out. And that is the area on which you now have to shed light. You cannot as yet tolerate that others do react to you; you demand an unconditional non-reaction and in that way you defeat the equality among all of you, for if someone reacts to your acting out, you make that person an authority who is "above you." You also accuse the authority person of taking your equality away from you. You are constantly embattled against someone taking your integrity, your self-government, your right to be your own authority. You constantly accuse someone of robbing you of this. You constantly resent that you are not an equal. And yet it is only you who deny yourself this equality by the very demand that someone else should take whatever negativity you express.

You need to very specifically work in this -- every one of you, you here and whoever is not present. You need to meditate and commit yourself and give others the right to react to you. You so ardently always search that the other person must have as much of a problem as you when you negatively act out, thus you only deny your self-responsibility. They can react to you without necessarily having the kind of problem you want them to have.

You deliberately misinterpret a truth I have given you in all these years: the truth that in most instances, people who are involved in a negative interaction must in some way be responsible. But this is not always in the same way you wish to interpret it. The other person's involvement may contain an altogether different lesson from what you believe, different from what you want to believe, have a stake in believing, for your own reasons. You create here a very insidious game, and it is very important that you shed light on it, that you determine not to demand of others not to react, no matter what you do. That you generously allow them to react to you negatively as you have a right to react. Their problem may be very different.

Maybe you can in your interactions now begin a slightly new approach and can state what problem would you like the other person to have. That is overlooked in your insistence that they must have what you want them to have. The problem they have may be very, very different. The manifold lessons a human being has to learn cannot be perceived by you as long as you have such a stake that the other person only have the reaction that is convenient for you.

You no longer need others to have specific problems in order not to feel inferior. Your inferiority feelings are your business, and you do not need them anymore. Nor do you need that game you still like to play by choosing arbitrarily one authority figure or another (one day it may be this person, another day it may be another person) but it is always because you do not face your low opinion of yourself. And that is really the crux of the matter. Again and again I say to you (as I have said to you throughout the years) your low opinion of yourself is false, no matter what your lower self is up to. You are a creature of God, you are a manifestation of God, not only on levels yet to be realized and actualized. Right now, in your conscious self, you are the best, the most, most beautiful, the strongest, the noblest. Give yourself that respect, and then you can give it to others. You can give others respect and honor and courtesy only when you give it to yourself. And as long as you do not want to deal with that part in you where you refuse yourself that honor, that courtesy, that respect, you will stay in an entanglement and project it outwards, and create strife that is so illusory, so unnecessary, so superfluous, and such a waste. The moment you approach yourself as a God creature, you can see what you are doing, and give it up as a meaningless game.

Enough of the game, my friends, you are ready for better things. If you stay with this game, you must close yourself up to all the pleasures and riches that are pouring forth, that are always there and that you only begin to see, to experience. You must acclimatize yourself for bliss and joy, for mutual love and courtesy, -- to yourself and to others, to honor yourself and others. This is now on the agenda; it is already there, it is already a reality, it is almost on the surface. It just requires this last decision on your part to give up the old, to no longer demand an unequal relationship, to tear down the person whom you have set up; to rebel against the person who could help you, guide you, lead you and yet be an equal. You do not need this game anymore.

This is my emphatic message to you, to the group as a whole, it is what now stands in your way to your total selfhood, the Godselfhood that is already waiting and bubbling forth -- if you only let it, if you only remove this obstruction. You are ready for this my friends. You can live then a life in which you not only realize the outer fulfillment as you have begun to do increasingly, but where the inner joy, the inner peace, the inner bliss, the inner awareness of eternal life, of fearless life, will take hold of every level of your being. This is my message.


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